Why Local Marketers are Positioned so Well for Success Right Now

In this video Mike shares why he thinks Local Marketers are positioned so well in the marketplace and how to take advantage of the special skills you possess that the “big companies” do not. We are coming back into a time where local businesses are looking for an expert to help them navigate the internet, […]

The #1 Way To Increase Referrals To Your Local Marketing Business

If you’re a local marketer who wants more clients without all the painful prospecting, then I’ve got great news for you. In this video I share how to get prequalified prospects without prospecting AND I show you how to create an endless stream of referral sources to your business. Check out the video below now.

How To Add Value And Get Clients For Your Marketing Business

In this video, I teach you how to add value to local businesses and turn them into clients. So many businesses have been burned by internet marketers. You must add value to build trust before you can turn them into a long-term clients. Please leave your questions and comments below. I love interacting with this […]

Dan Kennedy Interviews Fireman Mike About His Successful Local Marketing Business

A couple of years ago (when I was still working as a firefighter) I was invited to an all day mastermind with the millionaire maker himself, Mr. Dan Kennedy! It was a tremendous experience. During my time, Dan asked if he could interview me about our business. He was very impressed with the fact that […]

Traffic Geyser 2.0 Bonus Episode – How We Use Traffic Geyser In Our Business

In this bonus episode of Successful Local Marketing, sponsored by Traffic Geyser 2.0, we discuss how we use Traffic Geyser in our own business on a daily basis. ==> Click Here To See How We Use Traffic Geyser 2.0 And To See Our Bonus When It Is Ready! ==> Click Here To See How We Use Traffic […]