Dan Kennedy Interviews Fireman Mike About His Successful Local Marketing Business

A couple of years ago (when I was still working as a firefighter) I was invited to an all day mastermind with the millionaire maker himself, Mr. Dan Kennedy! It was a tremendous experience.

During my time, Dan asked if he could interview me about our business. He was very impressed with the fact that I was a firefighter who had built a successful local marketing business in a very competitive industry. During the interview Dan shared his marketing genius and I revealed how I have had success building my business.

I am sure many of you know who Dan Kennedy is, but in case you don’t he is one of the highest paid marketing consultants in the world. I would say he is the original local marketer as he was helping local businesses far before the internet came into play. Today tens of thousands of people turn to Dand and GKIC for marketing education that works.

I would highly recommend signing up for their monthly marketing newsletter. I have been a subscriber for years and each and every month I learn new things that I not only use in my business but that I also get paid to implement in our clients businesses as well. If you are in marketing you can’t afford to not be subscribed to their newsletter.

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