The Untapped Gold Mine Of Prospects That Virtually Everyone Ignores

In this video Mike talks about the low tech way to find clients in any local area. This is a proven method that many local marketers overlook when it comes to their prospecting.

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4 thoughts on “The Untapped Gold Mine Of Prospects That Virtually Everyone Ignores

    • Thanks John! Yes, so many small businesses spend on radio. Most mention their website, yet have no retargeting in place, no optin in place, no real offer in place to help with conversions. Also, the radio add just mentions the website, there is no specific call to action to actually get people to go to the site. I believe in radio advertising, but I just believe it needs to be done as a way to bring people into an online funnel to ensure great conversions. Most just don’t do that so it is a waste of marketing dollars.

  1. Great ideas as usual Mike
    Zeroing in on prospects that are already conditioned to spending money for exposure/branding/marketing can make the process so much easier.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Robert! Yes, makes the process far easier. You can take this concept online too….Looking for people who are trying to do stuff online and helping them improve is a great way to get clients as well. For a period of time I would shoot videos of websites and just critique them and send them to the business owners. They appreciated that I would show them what they could do to make it better and many of them hired us. Appreciate the comments!