Why You Must Use A Project Management System In Your Business

If you want to have a successful local marketing business you must begin using a project management system to coordinate your workflow. In this video Mike talks about Teamwork, the project management system they use. He describes teamwork as “Basecamp on Steroids”.


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2 thoughts on “Why You Must Use A Project Management System In Your Business

  1. I downloaded the project management (teamwork) and I’m trying to figure out how this is better than Trello for example. I’ve checked trello and see a lot of similarities.

    I’m not saying teamwork is bad, actually, I like the interface dashboard better, but as far as functionality I’m still struggling with finding the important differences between them.

    Your comment is appreciated it here!

    • Hi Sergio,

      When we used Trello a few years back it did not provide the level of organization that we felt we needed. We were trying to use Trello and Asana at the time together. Things could have changed since then. I liked Trello’s “card” approach, but they lacked a lot of the structure to interact with clients that we rely on. Also, we like many of Teamwork’s time tracking functions as well. Overall while they may be similar (especially today since I am referring to a few years ago) we just feel that Teamwork is a far more robust tool for our needs. However, my point is not to get someone to use Teamwork….my point is to get people to use something for their project management.