Successful Local Marketing Episode #2: 5 Secrets Of Website Conversion For Local Marketers

This entire episode is dedicated to helping local marketers better understand website conversion for their local clients. We talk about my 5 secrets to website conversion for local businesses and also cover some great software that will help local marketers stand out from their competition, while impressing their clients and being able to charge more money!

Successful Local Marketing Episode #2: 5 Secrets Of Website Conversion For Local Marketers

Everyone is out there selling traffic, yet very few local marketers are really paying attention to what matters…CONVERSION. In this episode we share our 5 secrets of website conversion for a local business. These are tried and true ways to help you help your clients to get more business from their website. So many businesses are missing out on valuable customers because they do not have their websites structured for conversion. Check out this episode where we dive in and show you our secrets!

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2 thoughts on “Successful Local Marketing Episode #2: 5 Secrets Of Website Conversion For Local Marketers

  1. Mike,

    I just watched your this show and once again you just give away incredible value. Thanks for all the great tips on helping website conversions and access to the resources you are using in your business.

    The format of the show is great and I am looking forward to next weeks video on Video Marketing.

    Jason Speckert

    P.S. Can you please put a place for recommended readings on this site? Thanks again!

  2. Mike,
    Great content as always. Love ur studio.
    You’re a great resource for marketing know how.
    Met you years ago whe Mike Keonigs had at you on stage at a TG summit.