Surprising Client Getting Strategies You Can Learn From Politicians!

One of the biggest challenges that local marketers seem to have is getting clients. I hear so many marketers tell me that they know how to do all the marketing stuff, but they have a hard time getting clients. In this video I share with you the surprising strageties you can learn from politicians that will help you get more clients! I also teach you one of the biggest mistakes you can make AFTER the client has said yes that is hurting your sales and credibility.

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6 thoughts on “Surprising Client Getting Strategies You Can Learn From Politicians!

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the comments! We shoot on green screen. Then the editors take over. They use Adobe Premiere for editing. By shooting on green it gives them the flexibility they need to move me around, etc. I could not give you a step by step…sorry. That is why I pay them. So I don’t have to learn it!

  1. Great job, Mike!

    One of my biggest problems is ‘focus.’ I can’t seem to focus on what I want to offer. I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that and then I’m stuck in a whole.

    • Thanks David, Appreciate the positive feedback!

      You are not the only one who has this challenge. I think you will make far more money by picking 1 profitable product to offer and becoming good at that. Become the go-to person in your industry or area. I think FB ads is a great example of 1 thing that you can do over and over profitably. Another thing to do is work in a niche. Set up a marketing package and offer the same thing over and over to the same people. This helps you create a repeatable system. Then you just sell it over and over. Both of these methods will help you stay focused and move the ball forward on a much more continual basis. Hope this helps!