Slow is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast – The Secret To Success In Local Marketing

(warning this is a long post, but I promise there are tons of lessons in here for you)

success-in-local-marketingThe Easiest Way To Make Money With Local Marketing:

I know that the title seems like “hype” but I assure you it is not. There is an unfortunate trend in local marketing education where some people tend to throw around big numbers when they talk about what clients hire them for without telling “the other side of the story”.

These numbers are impressive and they (myself included) are proud of having clients see enough value to pay these fees. The problem with this is 2 fold.

1. It sets unrealistic expectations for those trying to break into our industry that this is an “easy money” industry where you push a button and people want to pay you large amounts of money per month.

2. This is not an easy feat to accomplish usually. Is it possible? Sure it is. (I’m going to teach you how) But it is not the easiest sale in the book. Usually to get higher level clients you have longer sales cycles, way more back and forth, much more upfront work, and lot’s of no’s to get those yeses.

Also if you don’t have a track record or some type of credibility this makes these “high dollar” sales much harder.

So if that’s the case where does that leave those who are trying to get started, struggling, frustrated, and really counting on this to work? Well if that was the only answer it would leave them with a long uphill battle.

However there is a ton of hope because that is not the only answer. There really is a way to make great money with Local Marketing. Let me tell you about it.

Warning: This may not be the most popular post because it does involve to things most people don’t like. Work and Patience!


Slow is Smooth & Smooth Is Fast


I have been a licensed paramedic for over 13 years and have been involved in the Fire Service (both as a volunteer and paid) for 20 years….

In this industry we have a saying, “Slow is Smooth & Smooth Is Fast!”

What the heck does that mean?

Well as an emergency responder we were not called because people were having “good days”. We were called when people were having a huge life crisis and they needed help NOW!

I have walked into rooms where someones father, spouse, brother, friend, etc…was not breathing, the entire environment is chaos and I had to act! If I was not careful it would be easy to fall into the chaos of the moment and get “caught up” in the emotion of the incident……

Getting caught up in the emotion would be the worst thing that could happen because then we are feeding off of the emotion and trying to work at a frenzied and chaotic pace….doing this, mistakes would be made, things would be forgotten, and the outcomes would not be good.

Obviously when trying to save someone’s life there is little room for those type of things, so we could not allow ourselves to let the emotion of others dictate how we worked.

Slow is Smooth & Smooth Is Fast…..

Instead, we walked in (never ran) and began working methodically. Many times we were screamed at to move faster and do something, but we knew that if we moved smooth and organized we would get everything accomplished in record time and after it was all done, it would seem very fast.

Instead of trying to do everything at once we focused on fixing one thing at a time. We did not try to do an IV and put the heart monitor at the same time. Nope, we put the monitor on and then gave complete focus to the IV. Then moved onto the next step.

Ok so how does this apply to local marketing? It is a fair question. Look the easiest money in this business is NOT made from hitting home-runs out of the park each and every time like many want you to believe.

If you subscribe to that theory then you are just as bad as I would have been had I let the emotion of an emergency situation get the best of me.

If you start believing the only way to succeed is to get large consulting contracts all the time then you will act differently. You will act desperate, you will fill your mind with fear and doubt each and every time you don’t get a large contract, you will begin to question if this can work, you will start looking at people as #’s and not as people who need help….

None of this is good. If you don’t control it quickly you will make mistakes that will hurt you, your business, your reputation, and most importantly those who were looking to you for help…

Slow is Smooth & Smooth Is Fast….

The easiest money in this business is by uncovering 1 thing that you can help a local business with. In my company we frame everything as challenges and solutions…

So if you want to make great money easily in this industry become good at spotting a single challenge a local business is having and help them with a solution.

Usually this is not a “big money” contract, it is more along the lines of a one off check, or a low monthly contract. You won’t retire on the beach because of this and you won’t leave your job.

However you will set in motion a string of events that will amaze you if you have the patience to let things play out.

You want to position yourself as someone who can HELP them overcome challenges in their business.

There is a BIG misconception that business owners can’t afford to hire you. After all that is what many tell you. However if they really wanted to work with you I promise you they could and would find a way. The money objection is just a nice way to let you down easy…

The real reason you are not getting the clients, money, and contracts you want is very simple:

You are not someone they trust! (yet)

Far too many people go in asking for large upfront contracts without ever proving themselves. They expect the business owner to take all the risk upfront (with their capital) and they provide the promise of value….

It reminds me of the Norman Vincent Peal quote about fireplaces..

“Many people stand in front of a fireplace and demand, give me heat, yet they never thought to put in the wood first”

Many struggling local marketers are the same way….many stand in front of a clients saying give me money but they never thought to provide value first….

As a result you have a trust barrier with the business owner…they don’t trust you enough to pay you the big money….you have not proven yourself…

So let me say it again it is not a budget problem that prevents you from getting clients it is a trust problem.

Ok, now that I have let you in on that secret let’s get back to the easy money part of this.

If you really want to hit it out of the part in your business (and make easy money) start focusing on challenges that many businesses face. Once you know the challenges figure out great solutions for them and give them a reasonable fee to help them out.

Here are some examples:


Challenge: Google plus page not optimized or verified

Solution: Help them set up their business correctly on Google Plus

(we get $500-$895 one time for this)


Challenge: They have a website that is not converting

Solution: Consult with them and point out what is not working

(we charge $500-$750 one time for this)


Challenge: They are not building a list from their site

Solution: Help them with an autoresponder, an offer, and an email sequence

(we charge $495 set up and a few hundred bucks a month)


Challenge: Their citations (NAP) are not up to date

Solution: Offer to start fixing this across the web

(We charge $395-$495 a month for this)


Challenge: They have no reviews online

Solution: Help them get more reviews

(we charge from $297 – $500 a month)


These are all examples of HIGH TRUST services that you can do.

Instead of swinging for the fences and trying to get them to part with large amounts of money, focus of solving challenges and at the same time building trust with them.

I know that many gurus are rolling their eyes right now…..however this is the easy money part of this business.

  • It is so much easier to get a small check then it is a large check
  • It is so much easier to build trust on a small transaction to start
  • It is so much easier to earn your value by solving a small challenge
  • It is so much easier to gain credibility faster on a small transaction

So the secret of easy money is to offer smaller trust building services to start and after you have earned the trust then you can ask for more.

Many will see this as a “slow process” but remember what I already taught you….slow is smooth & smooth is fast….

If you deliver on the lower level service you are now in a position to go back as a trusted authority and show them how you can help them more (now they will believe you) and as a result you can charge more.

Here are some recent examples from my own business:

1. Sold client reputation package for $500/mo. Got him reviews. 1 month later, he upgraded to an optimization service for an additional $750 a month (we are up to $1250 a month) two days later after we showed him what we were doing he decided to spend an additional $250 a month….

So this client is now up to: $1,500 a month after starting at $500……

2. Client wanted help with a website. We agreed to do a simple website duplication for $750 one time. We finished it in a week. He was ecstatic. Guess what?  He has 10 businesses that he want’s websites, reputation, and optimization for…..he quickly went from $750 one time to over 1k a month so far, with the end result being about 7k a month in due time….

Slow is Smooth & Smooth Is Fast……

This is the secret to easy money. Stop the frenzy of “I need high paying clients”  and start focusing on how you can help solve challenges…Earn trust and credibility, and earn the right to go back and help them more for larger checks.

This many seem like a slow process, but before you know it you will have many large contracts and when you look back it will seem like it all came together so fast (just like when I was a medic).

So take this advice, do a gut check, and change your focus back to truly helping businesses solve some simple challenges….

Once you do that you will become the trusted advisor and they will open up their their hearts, their businesses, and their wallets to you in exchange for all the value you bring them!

Now go out help someone!

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2 thoughts on “Slow is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast – The Secret To Success In Local Marketing

  1. Hi Mike!

    I truly appreciate you being so honest and authentic!

    You are right. People forget that they need to build trust and start with an easy foot-in-the-door solution.

    I’ve tried it both ways and the foot-in-the-door happened more often than the big home run.

    We are all so tempted to use all of your cutting edge tech tools and do the fire hose proposal (oops…was that a pun?)…lol.

    Keep up the great work and for keeping it REAL!

    Mahalo from Hawaii,

    • Hey Justine! Your welcome! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Your right, we all want to try the latest and greatest while going for the home run. Yet success will be built day by day with simple things!

      Thanks for your comments!