What You Need To Know About The New Google Local Changes and How To Profit From Them!

Learn all about the new Google Local changes and how to profit from them. This is important information for us to understand as local marketers. This is a replay of a Live Broadcast where I shared the Google Local changes that are happening, we talk about the fallout for local businesses, we talk about opportunities for local marketing, and we talk about what it takes to win in the new local search game.

Additionally we did some great Q&A, I shared many local marketing resources and talked about some of the language I use in my business to help different our business from others across the country. If you’re serious about local marketing you can’t afford to miss this. Please leave your comments below, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About The New Google Local Changes and How To Profit From Them!

  1. Hi Mike,

    I thought I had registered for the live cast. But never received an email with the link for the presentation. I just watched the replay and thought it was excellent, with lots of great information. I’ve preached google reviews, citations, and all things Google, to my clients with good success.
    I will most likely join the insiders club if I can pass along the cost to the couple of clients that I have(I’m retired and do internet marketing etc. as a part time job, because i enjoy it).
    Do you occasionally get back to Knoxville? If so, we need to hook up for lunch or dinner.
    Thanks again for the informative presentation.

    Ed Cantwell

    • Hey Ed,

      Sorry you didn’t get that original link. We were pleased we got a clean recording. Thanks for the comments. I have seen some of your work, you do a good job and I have no doubt you are helping your clients. I will be heading that way in the near future. I will keep you in mind and for sure we can grab a bite and catch up.

      Thanks again for the comments!


  2. Hey Mike thank I personally leart a lot from this to be applied in our own business. It has been a while since the last time I kept up to date with search strategies and you seem to have brought me back to date… Thanks Again

    • You’re absolutely welcome! I think it is important to at least understand the changes that are happening and how busiensses are being affected. Thanks for the comments. Keep an eye here as we have a lot more great content coming!