$200-500 Per Month Service To Offer Local Businesses

I get asked all the time,

“What service can I offer to local businesses that is easy to learn, easy to fulfill, makes me
money and that is valuable to the business as well?”

There are a few services that fit that category, but one of my favorites is helping them with their citations across the internet.

This is a service that we charge from $200-$500 a month for! Check out the video below!



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2 thoughts on “$200-500 Per Month Service To Offer Local Businesses

  1. Mike How do I find out about citations and how to deliver them ,sell them,and what do I need to know about selling this service .Where do I get info about all this .

    • Hi Roger!

      I would start by looking at Bright Local and Whitespark (links below video). Both have the reporting features you need to start looking at this. Also, both offer citation building as well. Another resource to look at is Third River. My friend Tim does a great job with both software and teaching this. We will at some point come out with a teaching and training course that goes in depth but we do not have it yet. Hope this helps!